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Stump Grinding & Removal Services in Marlboro, NY

Do you have a pesky and unsightly stump in your yard? Let the professionals at Acorn Tree Care LLC take care of it for you. We provide stump grinding and removal services in Marlboro, NY at an affordable price. Our crew knows that this task can be difficult and that stump removal requires the right methods and techniques for the best outcome.

Get Rid of Your Tree Stump

Removing your tree stump can be a long process, why worry about it when you can let a professional handle the job. Acorn Tree Care LLC will grind your stump down, remove it and any remaining roots. We'll carefully evaluate your tree to determine the best removal process for the job. Benefits of removing your tree stump include:
  • Gaining Valuable Yard Space
  • Avoiding a Possible Hazard
  • Making Your Yard Aesthetically Pleasing
Tree Stump on Grass - Tree Care in Marlboro, NY

Tree Shrub Services

Ensure that your trees and shrubs are receiving the best care for your yard. Acorn Tree Care LLC wants to help you keep your plants and trees healthy throughout the year. We'll carefully inspect your trees to identify any symptoms that may need treatment. Our services include:
  • Tree & Shrub Assessment
  • Insect Treatment
  • Disease Treatment
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